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Did you ever find the rabbit in the world map?


Did you ever find the rabbit in the world map?

The division of world took 400 thousand million years.

We can’t see any rabbit in the world map but it was there our world map was look like that only.

We have decided that we are living in India. We are Indian’s, we are living in America. We are American’s. How was decided that hoe have good amount of knowledge. We are their children. We are their hires.

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Unfortunately we were cheated by the clever people in many ways & we forget what we where.

It is simple Question I want to ask you is

Purana’s was written long ago & when the scientific advancement was took place when it start a took place. What we client to the assents in this speed age. When it started taking place in which century. 14th century.17th was declared as the century for Industrial development but how when three was a Roman’s & pride to them greek people’s why didn’t they contributed all these things.

When they are so genius in 16th (or) 15th century the western people started in wealing India among they came for different purpose to the India. And then they started taking knowledge from here to there places and started changing there places.

HH chinna jeeyar swamiji @ IIT Chennai


He told that our Rushi’s (or) Swamiji’s are using satellites

If you want to see a land from your place is it possible

If you want to see the picture of the world is it possible for us just for observing.

Say who drawn the world map can we say at least say when it is drawn in century at least.

When the journey to across the ocean.

Before then did our people known about the world do really known about the world what map was people should go to space about the world what map was people should go to space & a satellite to take a picture (or) draw it.

In our puranas there is a mention about the world was looking did you ever here about it in our puranasbhaloth. It is mentioned in 1 place world was divided in to the pieces once up on a time world was divided in to the pieces globe was not flat very recently we have go through some book that was written once upon a time people was believed that the world is flat & when & when they travel through the ship they found that world is not a flat & world in a world.

Once up on a time was world was not a flat it was in a square place. Some knows SandhyaVandham every day. While doing SandhyaVandham we can hear some Slokas.

There they say ChathrusSagalaPaliyanthan that means sea was all around the Earth on once up on a time & it started taking division & it was divided into some pieces.

You must healed about the Rama’s lili edge Rama’s ansiters was sagala the king. He was having few children they went round the World in search of horse.

Earth was divided into 7 different parts with the help of sea & then sea become 7 sagala’s (or) SapthaSagala’s. After division how the earth was looking in mahabharath mentioned after the division the picture of the earth was reflecting on the moon & there it look like as if a rabbit is standing on his leg’s. Trying to catch a big bush in front.

The earth map has they felt was a like a rabbit trying to catch a bush in front of it.

Statue of Equality – Sri Sri Sri Sri Swami Ramanujam

Statue of Equality1

Statue of EqualitySri Sri Sri Sri Swami Ramanujam

Swamiji addressed that they have proposed a project called Statue of Equality on the occasion of Sri Ramanujam’s1000th Birthday in Hyderabad near Airport which is organizing in an Area of 45 acres of land and with a cost of 400 crores.

Swamiji explained that everything is made of Stone and it Is a destination project for the World. A Foundation stone also laid for the project and the Statue of Ramanujais coming at the height of 268 feet. There are 108 divine places to visit which every day speaksHoly of the great Sri SwamyRamanujacharya.

There will be office which shows the life History of Swami Ramanuja and there is an open where any public function can be organized. There are also other facilities created around it and the people from different parts of the world Learn, Experience and take home something.

Statue of Equality2

Statue of Equality3

Statue of Equality5

Statue of Equality6

Swami Addressed that this project is doing with only Sankalpa i.e by thought and the people who are involved in this project are doing this religiously with great Spirituality.