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Statue of Equality – Sri Sri Sri Sri Swami Ramanujam

Statue of Equality1

Statue of EqualitySri Sri Sri Sri Swami Ramanujam

Swamiji addressed that they have proposed a project called Statue of Equality on the occasion of Sri Ramanujam’s1000th Birthday in Hyderabad near Airport which is organizing in an Area of 45 acres of land and with a cost of 400 crores.

Swamiji explained that everything is made of Stone and it Is a destination project for the World. A Foundation stone also laid for the project and the Statue of Ramanujais coming at the height of 268 feet. There are 108 divine places to visit which every day speaksHoly of the great Sri SwamyRamanujacharya.

There will be office which shows the life History of Swami Ramanuja and there is an open where any public function can be organized. There are also other facilities created around it and the people from different parts of the world Learn, Experience and take home something.

Statue of Equality2

Statue of Equality3

Statue of Equality5

Statue of Equality6

Swami Addressed that this project is doing with only Sankalpa i.e by thought and the people who are involved in this project are doing this religiously with great Spirituality.

Statue of “Ramanujam”


Swami was doing some Activities:-

They are running a school for blind children 1-12th standard in Hyderabad. So they started degree college Nethravidyalaya this is only in the India which sets children with laptops in their hands with them they can use those things they will use normal keyboard only.

We kept residency schools in the forest and we are giving a demo & training that how to cure the cancer in women they will learn & they will give counseling to people by going to their houses.


They are keeping a statue of “Ramanujam” he fight with for the people of lower cast in an olden days lower cast people will not allowed to go to temple. Ramanujam was fight for equality. The statue is meant for equality it is very near to the airport Shamshabad. He decided to construct with 400 crores of money the statue height is 230 feet’s. You can open with us with this URL and you can find details.

About the College


About the College:

Extension 02_kharagpur_1706474f

Generally everyone will thing that Kharagpur means IIT only. You have to identify in the world so first you have to identify the nature & value of human beings.

Human Being’s needs the Realization?


Human Being’s needs the Realization?

We need 5 levels of Realization. We have 5 fingers so he has to think in a 5 different way’s.

  1. Body level:

162329927_XS pesas_mujer_hombre

We have to take care of our body & understand the mechanism of our body. What body should have food, air, water, health. We have to take care of our body eat well, drink well, do exercises, take it in a good conditions. We have different parts in body. Each & every part has a different work & different name but every part will become together & do progressive and do work together. They shares there pain together so take care of our body 55:40

  1. Family Level:


We should not think that we are single in this world we have a family & we have Tradition, Custom there is a practice behind we and the family we have to understand that and follow that we don’t know everything something will be there behind us.


Children should know the value of family sharing a pains & joys is called a family. In our body parts there is link to each other, We can’t see the connection between the people in our family but we have a connection or link in between the people in our telugu customs if a person die’s (or0 birth we have a custom (or0 a tradition that we should not touch the people (or) some customs that is called connection.

  1. Society Level:

In a family the members tastes & behavior will be different but still they are a family. Same like that in the society there are different traditions & customs some people will be in a white, some people will be tall etc. but still we are human beings. We shares the pains & joy’s we should take care of our self’s.


In our body parts leg will not do another part. Family has a same role mother has a role; Father has a different role everybody will play their own roles & also in a society we have different sectors in a society each one have a different role. We should not feel jealous. We should take care of our self and we should share our pains & joy’s & lives in the society that is the human relations.

  1. Nature:

In our world human being is living on the nature

What is the powerful layer around the Earth? Protecting the life’s on this planet?


Ozone layer it is protected our each from sun rays from some Lac’s of Year’s.


In our older day our products machines are very strong than technology.

Our gas carbon dioxide all these are there before we have using technologies.

Before we have technology like which it will not spoil the nature. But now we have technology that will spoil the nature there is a difference.

We have to recognize that we are in a nature & there are animals, birds, trees, water, air, earth and etc. We have to take care of all those things. We are not only the spacious in this nature. We are only a part of the whole as a part of a body, A family is a part of a society & a man is a part of a nature. We have to realize that & respond to it.

  1. God Level:

Behind us we have a power that is god it will us & nature as well.

We have different customs&traditions so we have to respect them.


We have to understand the 5 levels but the realization doesn’t mean that each one cause a one action. We need to act according to the realizing one act have 5 variations.

Practices most be one understand the body & family Systems & then respond to the society & nature.

“One level should not contradict with the other”

  • Work need not be different for different levels!
  • With one action everything should be attained.

This is a kind of value we act. Because we are leading this life we need a life of water in designs. We are living in a world of desires. We are living in Ocean of desires we have to lead in that we have to lead a lot of things when we are getting anything we have to give others also don’t try to preserve from then our life’s will be in smooth way. If we are doing living that our life’s will be grow & glow.

How to identify the human being?


How to identify the human being?

There is some way to identity the human being. We need to identify the abilities in the human beings.

What are the things which only human beings have and other living things don’t have?

Essential Abilities of today’s man:

  1. Cooking Food:

We are also spoiling it,if we keep rice for  months it will be stay & we are cooking those only meals we are spoiling it.

  1. Walking Straight:

Not only can we, Animals also walk straightly.

  1. Dressing:

Animals can look more beautiful without dress. Ex. Peacock it looks so beautiful & it will Dance so Beautiful.


  1. Speaking:

Not only human being’s animals can also speak like speaking parrot, etc. But we will train them.


  1. Laughing:

Somebody said man only can do, animal can’t but it wrong.

We would like to show you another parameter of identifying the man with a code. What human being have we are going to give a code for that R2. We have declared oxygen as O2 like that only we have declared R2 for human being’s. What is R2?  It is very simple. R-Realising the purpose of the life “To Share Joy”.

There is a saint called “YaskaChalyulu”Vedam, Niyukthi one angham.He contributed those things in Veda there are 6 angham’s, Oxygens. One of them is Niyukthi, It gives a definition may effect. What is a human being he declared that.

What he thinking & implements in it is called a human being’s. Animals will also think & implement it like if we are going to hit a bird immediately it will run (or) escape so that bird will also think that we are hitting them. It will injure so it will escapes immediately. So animals also thinking & implementing. SO we are not talking about that thing.

Mananamu&Acharana that we have to do what is Mananamu. What is Alochana (or) thinking this is a kind of dimension. We want to show you.

“A value based life”  for that.

“Where every activity is alone with real knowledge of sharing related to material & spirit”

What you know about good thing & what you have knowledge you have to share with your society. That is a man.

What is community?


What is community?



In this human beings will call it as “sanghajeevi” that means we are living in a society in that society everyone will not be same. There is variety of people. Some people will be in black & some people will be in white. Some people will be tall & short. We will see varieties of people that why we will call it as a society. We are living in that type of society. Society should be like that only but in that society everyone should share those values among them. We have to take the society with us. We should have like that society.

What are that values & what kind of values we want?


What are that values & what kind of values we want?

We have to grow with some kind of values not just physical values we want, we want a pholistic growth, and we want physical growth as well as medligen’s growth, intellectual growth & spiritual growth. We have to growth will all values if we are growing like that only then our lives are called as real lives.


We will eat daily but what kind of meals. we will take nice & healthy food. So our life should be also like that with all kinds of values.

What is life?


What is life?

That will show how to live, if we are planting a tree it should give new leaves for next day & another day it will give another leaf’s. So we should also grow. Now we are in a position. Plants don’t have knowledge but it will give new leaves for day by day but we have knowledge so we have to grow our self for day by day. Tomorrow we have to know more thing compare to today, we need to grow.


How to grow what kind of things we need it. We need some kind of values. We have to grow with some values.

What is a human being we will discuss about it?


What is a human being we will discuss about it?

Body, Organs our body parts.We will see different types of parts in our body. This is what we see but there is something what we can’t see. What people will call it is spirit. We can’t see that but still that is more important it plays a key role as long as spirit is there in our body. It is value that is not there in the body, body will becomes a corpse (or) dead body. It will be burnt after that. So there is unseen power behind which people will call it as a spirit. People will call it as soul also.

1433875047_soul-leaving-bodyy photo4

How we have to live. Some people will concentrate on the body only. They take care of the body but we have to take rest & give rest to the body with sleep. “Yesterday was not ours tomorrow will not be ours live today there are people who say. But we will be many things for tomorrow & we died many things in past, we eat for tomorrow, we think for tomorrow, we live for tomorrow those who don’t think about tomorrow but they live tomorrow.

Older day’s there is no walker associations but we have many walker associations. We are walking early in the morning & evening. Many people will go to gym no need of all that eat properly. They will do all those things for tomorrow. No one are living for today only everyone are living for tomorrow only. Because there is something which takes you tomorrow. We call it as a spirits we call it a soul that what we are.

So basically man is two things what we can see & what we can’t see. Those two things are called human beings (or) living things. What we can see is a machine. What we can’t see is a energy. We are saying the reason of that energy & the soul we have to understand & live we have to mix both things. If we are separating those two things. Those are machines only.


What people will call us?


What people will call us?

Human being means what someone will ask what is a cat generally people will reply it is a cat or pilli they will translate the language and say the answer. What is a man? Man is a man we will reply but the question is what is mannery and why we will call X as a man.

When Tsunami occurred in that tsunami 2.5 lac people was died but in that not even a single animal was died the reason is they know about the tsunami before only.


We have lot of technologies but we know about that after it come & go but not before but animals knows before know we have to say how to the most intelligent.

Human beings have all devices but still we don’t know about the tsunami but animals don’t have any devices (or) technologies but before only they went to safe zone.

We have researching & calls some names (or) codes for nature like oxygen etc. but there is no code for human being that why I have said that we will see some new dimensions.