Can you declare that when our life started we can’t say?


If we are entered in to the car & we are doing journey in it some roads are rough & sometimes we will struck in traffic sometimes we will meet with an accident. So journey may not be comfortable for all time there will be always a ups & down.


When it is down it is a sad when it is up it is joy (or) happiness. Same like that only our soul will enter in to the body & do journey in our journey also ups & downs will be come as go.

Purpose of Life?

It is something like a driver in a vehicle. What is the purpose who is in the car when the car is on the road?

To reach the destination safely for that he has to drive. When our vehicle is on road so we have to drive compulsory on our effort to reach the destination.


We need to drive properly & we have to take care of signals traffic etc. & we have to drive safely & reach to the destination.

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