Did you ever find the rabbit in the world map?


Did you ever find the rabbit in the world map?

The division of world took 400 thousand million years.

We can’t see any rabbit in the world map but it was there our world map was look like that only.

We have decided that we are living in India. We are Indian’s, we are living in America. We are American’s. How was decided that hoe have good amount of knowledge. We are their children. We are their hires.

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Unfortunately we were cheated by the clever people in many ways & we forget what we where.

It is simple Question I want to ask you is

Purana’s was written long ago & when the scientific advancement was took place when it start a took place. What we client to the assents in this speed age. When it started taking place in which century. 14th century.17th was declared as the century for Industrial development but how when three was a Roman’s & pride to them greek people’s why didn’t they contributed all these things.

When they are so genius in 16th (or) 15th century the western people started in wealing India among they came for different purpose to the India. And then they started taking knowledge from here to there places and started changing there places.

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