We will take an example of the great Sri Rama


We will take an example of the great Sri Rama.

We know the story of Rama very well & we don’t consider the life of Rama is  something written by a poet sitting on this disk creating its own no it’s a history of course it past history its ancient history it say we take the story of Rama where he been a person met with many people experienced.


A variety of situation some are joyful some are un joyful, some are painful really Sorrowful when Rama was requested by the sage Vishwamithra& father said yes you can go Rama went without any question followed Vishwamithra because father said he follow the sage Vishwamithra& it so exciting to heal the words of Rama saying that after finishing the Vishwamithra’sYaga he prostrated before his acharya& said hey acharya we asked for one and we came for another purpose you asked to protect the yagna we came to do kingkara. Rama asked why you askedthese 10 days you ask 10 years.


Later Dhashradha want to give Kingdom it is a joyful thing accepted but next day & his step mother ordered him to go to the forest without any sadness in his face and not speaking anything he just left forest no sorrow,nojoy,but did what he supposed to do while he was in the forest. Where the people are unruled he controlled them helped human beings,helped the nature, helped the animals and even helped Temen’sVibhishana. He led his life in serving people in serving the souls around.

Service is probably ultimate purpose as long as we are living we need to serve to extend they need not they greet people are in greet expecting many thing from you may but we neeed to serve them extremely they need that but with an expectation. Rama helps help’s sugriva novel expected anything from him but sugriva followed him he served Vibhishana not expecting anything but Vibhishana dedicated his life for Rama & probably that was the reason why even animals, plants loved Rama.

joy jump-for-joy

There is a rule “Joy from you share joy will be doubled” when you share your joy with as many people as possible or with as many creatures as possible your joy will be multiplied like that. Rama is only one but he tried to share his joy with all the monkeys and with all the rakshasa& the sages and of course with the nature and the whole monkey kingdom supported Rama & they just read and also they gave their life’s for the Rama. Vibhishana gave his life for Rama so we are one sharing but ultimately it a business. Rama gave one joy but it becomesthousands of joy from all beings around it giving joy.


Taking sorrows from others your sorrow will be halfed. Sorrow shared is a sorrow halfed joy shared a joy it doubled. We do that we do pratised but in different way when we got a sarrow we try to put it on others we try to some bodies joyful we try to take it grab it like anything but it should be like we should share our joy and we should try to share sorrows from others that makes us become God.

Rama did not say that he was God he always said am a man.

Be a man (or) be a real man you will become more than God you will be worship by Gods.

So sharing and serving try to share thee joy try to share the sorrows of others as long as we are here serve don’t help others.

Some people go to temple they will say am helping god. Every week I will go there and help god don’t say like that try to answer that we are serving our self we should serve others and we should help our self’s. We fed our journey more comfortable but while serving yes the times will be up’s & down’s.

It should be helping you in keeping the shell powerful so that we need to get disturbed inspite of any terminals. If we are safe in the shell & then we will be always safe it may cross through the airpotersit may cross through different heights or it may cross through bumps on the road line but as long as the shell is strong our journey is fine.

So all the practices are recommended in our sasthras as Rama showed his life as an example is to make shell more & more safe but goal is to come out of the shell & the shell is called as ‘Karma Bhandhana’ this is the shell which we are for which we need to do things in a right passion we must master the rules so has to follow them fully and preamble to apply them on all occalance not during some times when you sit before dates in our puja mandir no always day in & out while eating, While bathing, even while sleeping yes we need to feel it we need to apply the rules but it is serving & sharing if we know that if we know that if we make us as a strong if we make our shell stronger & definitely our journey will be done releasing from the ‘Karma Bhandhana’ is the and for this journey.

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