What is Moksha?


If we want to see a sun to come up then if we do thappa’s he will not come no nothing he comes on his own when he thinks it is appropriate that is the Moksha. We need to do anything for Moksha. Moksha comes when time comes but we need to remember something like.

FINAL Water Yoga Yoga Paths to Moksha

When the sun comes on his own by appropriate time then we should not close our eyes we should keep our self’s a vacate & we should not confine our room we should (come out) of the room & we should not bend our head our head down we have to raise our head & we have to open our eyes & there should not be an clouds so even sun’s comes on his own & if there are clouds we can’t see the sun & when sky is clear sun comes on his own without spending a single picture so Moksha comes on its own at what we need to know is when we want to see the things come out of the room & keep our eyes open know the time when sun comes out from the elderly people who know something about the time it means the sun to come because sun is not visible in all places at the same time for us sun may be visible after 6 am before 6 pm and in the south pole they may not see the sun on that time.


So we need to know from the local people who we call as deicetalls how when we need to experience the dacilling sun at he comes out. So the Moksha will comes on its own & we need not to do any effort the Moksha at all some people will think like this we do something & we quit the body. If we don’t do anything still we quit the body.

Still we do something we will quit the body that is automatically but all that we know is how to act during this time when we are in the journey or in the process. How to drive the carif we know that rule. If we want to lead a high life then we have to follow the rules & be able to apply them on allocations.

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