What is the meaning of life?


He explained about the teachers (or) guru:

In this world teacher (or) guru is the path how shows our path.

What is the meaning of life?

Life means a soul is traveling in a body come to animal it has a life and when comes to stone. It is also have a life a sculpture can decide a stone that it should made a male statue (or) female (or) etc. that they will decide by sounding they will decides how could a gopuram was constructed in a temple. It is stone only. Sculpture was replied that while night times the stone weight will be less compare to morning they will sleep at night times they researched that how a stone can works & its nature.


Soul makes a journey to one body to another body it doesn’t mean that human body or animal body or other.

The period when it just make its journey through a body if it is through human body we can call as he or She is a human being if it is an animal body we can call it as a animal etc.

when a journey of a soul is completed then the body is called as corpse or dead. So journey of a soul through body is called a life. When it starts & when it ends, we know when it ends because doctor will declare that.

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